009 TheraGun

009 TheraGun

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Recently I randomly I met Dr Jason Wersland in a coffee shop while he was on his way to a meeting with Arsenal Football Club. Dr Jason is the inventor of a seriously impactful physical product called the TheraGun that’s @theragun on Instagram.

The TheraGun is a handheld self massage tool which provides neuromuscular percussive therapy. So instead of drilling you with technological terms, go onto Instagram now and type in @theragun, have a little look so you’ve got a visual idea of what this is all about. 

The product promotes recovery, releases knots and muscular spasms, breaks up scar tissue, improves ROM and ultimately provides on the go muscular relief for the whole body whenever you need it.

We take a little while to warm up but things really get going from about 50 mins onwards.

There was a series of events that led to Dr Jason approaching me in the coffee shop which we also get into in the interview which absolutely confirm to me that if you set your intention on the direction you want to move in with a splash of present state awareness things will slowly begin to unfold for you.

We got into a really interesting story about Real Madrid and Cristiano Ronaldo from the start.

Apologies in advance for the inconsistencies in sound around 1hr 45min, I ran out of memory on the recording device, first interview, little bit of in experience from me.

It was brilliant for me to see how an operator like Dr Jason conducts himself in the wild. He’s a big strong authentic man who is fired up to literally spread good vibes wherever he travels through himself and his product. I’ve never met any one as emotionally connected to a product like Dr Jason. He is as raw and authentic as they come. 


“Necessity is the mother of invention.” – Dr Jason Wersland

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