Signature by Salesflare: a free, Gmail-based tool that automates your address book.

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The next big thing for Gmail is here.

It’s called Signature and it’s a Gmail-based tool that automates your address book

that has been created by Salesflare who are a an Intelligent Sales CRM for teams who thrive on technology.

The tool allows you to Automate your address book by pulling phone numbers, addresses, social profiles and more, of those from whom you receive emails, straight to your Google Contacts automatically – meaning no more manual data entry for your contacts list.

You can join the waitlist to secure your spot or if you invite three friends to join the waiting list after signing up, both you and your invited friends get immediate access.

If you’re ready to capitalise on Signature right now this is what you need to do:

First, open up a browser window.

Type in

Drop your email in and this will free up some crucial time for you to invest on the critical items that matter the most on your current pursuits!

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