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013 MindJournal

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MindJournal is on a mission to bring back the legacy of guys keeping a journal.

One of the most effective ways to exponentially improve an appreciation for life from within is through journalling and one of the best ways I have come across to begin journalling is through MindJournal.

10x your life satisfaction by forming 1 basic daily habit.

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Times are changing for Men. Roles have shifted yet stereotypical expectations remain the same and an inspiring conversation has emerged in recent years, that aims to tackle the issues that men face.

However, it’s focused on exactly that — talking. Whilst this might help many, it might not help the few that can’t, won’t or don’t know how to.

Years ago the idea of any man sitting and jotting down his thoughts was commonplace but over the years this has sadly been lost.

If your a male going through some hard times. You’re not alone.

The product I’m going to talk to you about uses a simple framework consisting of a Daily Check-In tool and a programme of powerful questions to ensure that every time you come to write you have something to say.

MindJournal is on a mission to bring back the legacy of guys keeping a journal.

If you want to search now while your listening go to https://mindjournals.com/

MindJournal has been created specifically with guys in mind but journalling is a powerful tool for anyone w ith the exception of one question, the writing programme is gender-neutral so it can be used by both men and women.

One of the most effective ways to exponentially improve an appreciation for life from within is through journalling and one of the best ways I have come across to begin journalling is through MindJournal.

I am on a constant look out for tools, products and people who I believe are bringing the most genuine levels of impact to their audience in the most authentic way possible and much like Dr Jason Wersland’s story with TheraGun.

Ollie Aplin’s story with MindJournal really caught me.

He say’s: “Now is a more crucial time than ever for Men in particular to get writing a gain. Sometimes it’s the most basic of tools that hold the most power.”

On his blog Ollie keeps it real and authentic. He’s an open book and he just wants to lift other versions of him self who are dealing with their own unique obstacles.

Ollie writes:

How many times have you gone to write something, and just not known where to start?

There are so many places to start, it’s hard to just pick one word or thought. And as you stare longer and longer at the blank page, the more crippled you feel – and the words in your mind seem to disappear.

This is not writer’s block. It’s that our busy minds are too noisy to find focus. And as an anxiety sufferer, this is exactly how I’ve felt for years when I’ve tried to keep a journal.

Journaling was prescribed to me back in 2008 after I suffered a mental breakdown. I’d lost my mum to suicide two years before that and had never dealt with my chaotic childhood of living with a bipolar mum.

Instead, from the age of 5, I was told by my mum to never tell anyone what was going on at home. Especially about my dad. They were no longer together and mum wanted to keep her life private from everyone.

But the promise I made had a deep and long-lasting effect on me.

Not talking meant not expressing how I felt a    nd as I got older and mums condition stayed undiagnosed and got more erratic – I locked up my emotions even further, eventually becoming emotionally numb to everything.

So in my mid-teens, I turned to drugs and alcohol. I was pretty much stoned throughout all of secondary school. And by the age of 18, I overdosed one night after partying too hard following a suicide attempt by mum.

Several more attempts later and she finally succeeded in ending her life in November 2005, when I was 19.

It took me until April 2008 to finally seek help. By then I was utterly broken. No longer functioning as a human being – I could barely eat, sleep or talk.

When I did eventually make it into therapy and I sat there in the counsellors’ chair, I didn’t really know what to say.

I’d not spoken to anyone about the things that had been happening for all those years with mum. Because she told me not to. And just because she was dead didn’t make any difference.

Mum was a terrifying person. Don’t get me wrong, she was incredible and the most loving mum you could ever imagine. But the bipolar side to her was this extremely intense, paranoid and sad person that had no relation to who she really was. Not knowing how she would be from one day to the next meant you lived in fear of this alternative side of her being unleashed.

So sitting there in therapy and being asked to talk was one of the most uncomfortable things I’d experienced. It felt disloyal and I was paranoid that mum would find out. So I skirted about the issues, gave top-level facts about the suicide attempts but sat there waiting for my therapist to fix me.

Turns out that’s not how therapy works. It requires talking – a key part that was far from normal for me.

With this in mind, my therapist prescribed journaling and it literally changed my entire life. Nine years on and I’m still going strong, with my journal by my side through all the things that life throws at me.

But I’ve never found it easy. Finding the time, the words and the feelings is a huge barrier for me even now.

The amazing thing about counselling is that it’s a lot like having a personal trainer at the gym. They provide the workout, you just have to do the work.

They lead the session and keep pushing you to say more, do more, try harder. You just have to be there and provide the effort.

Fast forward almost 10 years and I was still journaling away. But like anything that’s good for us, I knew I could be doing it more often. Like eating better and exercising.

So after researching and trying to find a journal that would help me to write – and not being able to find one, I knew it was something I had to create. Being a designer helped but knowing what I wanted from a guided journal helped even more.

After 6 months of designing and testing, Ollie and his girlfriend Natasha launched MindJournal on Kickstarter in February 2016 – the world’s first guided journal created just for men.

So it’s designed with a carefully created writing programme. The programme is made up of 30 exercises that start off relatively easy and get tougher and tougher the more you work through the journal.

Every exercise also provides you with an opportunity to check in with how you’re feeling and there’s motivation every step of the way.

The reason it’s such a powerful tool is that it works. Us males rarely like to talk about our feelings or what’s on our mind. And that’s OK, as long as you’re still looking after yourself.

Journalling is there when you either don’t want to talk or are unable to do so – which provides you with a space to privately look after yourself.

Even if your not exactly going through turmoil Journalling can still benefit you.

It doesn’t need to become a “Dear Diary” situation.

You can use journalling to get unstuck or problem solve as in what should I do? or for prioritising and expressing gratitude.

The pages shouldn’t be intended for anyone but you.

Julia Cameron author of The Artist’s Way: Morning Pages Journal refers to journalling as, “spiritual windshield wipers.”

She says: “Once we get those muddy, maddening, confusing thoughts [nebulous worries, jitters, and preoccupations] on the page, we face our day with clearer eyes.”

MindJournal has helped thousands of guys from all over the world kickstart their journaling habit.

If all Mindjournal did was allow you to move some of the madness going on in your head on to paper so that you can get on with your day it would definitely be worth checking out.

I’ve also organised a further bonus for the action takers listening.

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This will only be available to the first 20 people who follow through on this.

I am not an affiliate of Mindjournal. Not receiving any commission simply looking to bring attention to this impactful product for men.


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You’re probably thinking this journalling stuff is going to annoy take up time I don’t have whatever

But I want to assure you…

There are huge benefits to writing, even if no one — yourself included — ever reads what you write.

The process matters more than the product.

The whole point of journalling is to box your hectic thoughts, worries, concerns, doubts, feelings on paper so you can get on with your day and also not be as much of a burden on your nearest and dearest which is something else to think about.

Your journalling doesn’t need to solve your problems.

It’s the practice of simply getting them out of your head, where they’ll continue to bash you up all day.

I’m nothing special and I’m no where near the finished article and never will be… I struggle all the time to keep up with the battle of my mind.

I need a tool to guide me, that doesn’t need to speak to me, that doesn’t judge me, that just let’s me get a grip on whatever is happening on my terms and that’s what I draws me in with the Mindjournal, it’s super easy to use and if you get stuck you can download the free manual to guide you through it.

So when you’re ready to take action on getting a MindJournal.

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Mindjournal: Best journalling solution for Men

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