001 Unidentified: Introduction

001 Unidentified: Introduction

This is an introduction to give you some context and an understanding of what to expect on the Unidentified Podcast.

So… I’ve spent a big part of my 20’s searching far and wide for opportunities to correct my daily experience that all important and often elusive one degree or one percent…However you like to term it.

When I reflect on my 20’s and even my late teens. There’s been quite a lot of time spent on opportunities which are not exactly specific to a particular category. From applying the principles of basic mind and body preparation, practicing meditation and mindfulness, consuming meaningful wisdom, dialling into detailed morning and evening rituals and creating a foundation of growth. More recently though, my energy and attention has been geared toward looking into widely unknown, yet highly impactful products and contribution taking place in the world.

I figured if I’m going to continue valuing the time digging to discover these insights then why not create something of use for other people to enjoy and receive value from. Why not start a podcast?

My intention is to deliver these discoveries in an easily consumable way through a podcast, most probably in the form of a number of different series. Series 1 being called Unidentified.

As much as this will be about bringing attention to widely unknown products and deeply impactful forms of contribution including philanthropic companies, non profit organisations, big problem solving apps and other meaningful and applicable pieces of wisdom that I’ve come across this is absolutely an exercise of me exercising my new found passion, finding my own voice and offering something different

If i decide that this work is no good don’t panic i’ll stop and do something else and if you think it’s rubbish, don’t hold back. I’m going do 10 episodes to begin with and see where it leads. Regardless of how long this journey lasts one thing I’m 100% committed to is bringing truck loads of value ahead of any personal financial gain.

Recently I’ve realised that to create genuine impact, the skill I need to cultivate the most is the ability to listen, to just put myself in the shoes of just the one person I am aiming to serve, and do just one important thing: Listen to them, and then through knowledge that I’ve acquired try to recognize solutions and options available to that one person in their current position.

A one by one, something for nothing approach is what impact means to me now, while understanding that a person’s trust is the absolute key to delivering this impact to them.

Learning to balance the audacity to dream of creating wide reaching impact, with the humility to start with the one person either beside, infront or behind me, has been one of the most important lessons of my life so far and I think this is an essential ingredient for anyone creating a recipe to bring about change no matter how big or small and right now, that needs to be more of us!

When I see my clients, friends, family and meet new people for the first time, I tend to view them as their best version, the end product, the way they could be in the future. They’re all unstoppable to me but what stands between who they are and who they want to become is sometimes their willingness to change strong habits and belief systems but more often than not it’s just the subtle openness to embrace a new, potentially impactful opportunity which could elevate them and make a difference, so my hope is that this podcast becomes a support vehicle which accelerates their growth and hopefully yours too if you think this podcast is the right fit for you.

My best investments have been spending time in environments that forced me to grow and money on mentors and education. The podcast is my accountability mechanism for continuing to make these investments so that I continue to learn how to be of service to every person who who hits subscribe and clicks play.

The episodes that follow will just be my personal attempts to expose what might be a viable solution to a specific obstacle. Certain things that I talk about could have a monumental effect, others may already be common knowledge.

The type of advice I tend to battle with the most is when people say “This worked for me in my career, so you need to do it the same way I did.”

The best advice I’ve absorbed is when the intention is not to give you or tell you the answer … Instead the intention is to give you a new way of thinking about the question so that you can solve it yourself. Great advice sounds more like, “I can’t answer the particular question you’re asking me, but considering it from this angle might be a better way for you to think about it and come up with the solution yourself.”

Everyone is moving down their own path. People who offer solid advice understand that their goal is to help someone on their unique journey. 

I would like to declare that my intention is not to give advice but rather to act as an on call directory if you like, revealing potential avenues toward greater impact. I’m offering new opportunities for you to take or leave based on your own unique effort to leave this world slightly better than how you found it.

This is a do good to and for other people effort. If you value bringing positive impact to other people ahead of your individual gain then there’s a massive chance I’m going to say very good things about you and your contribution to the world.

If you’re very serious about reaching your own interpretation of the next level then this podcast should be something you enjoy listening to.

There may be a great group of people already supporting you there may not be… but you mind, your creativity and your ability to execute begins and ends with you. We have to agree on complete ownership. If not that’s ok but I’m probably not for you.

This podcast is just a dependable layer on top of your commitment to complete ownership.

If you’re not driven by legacy YET that’s ok but I will encourage you to start thinking more seriously about your legacy.

You could be chasing a seemingly un-reachable goal, outcome or experience, and I’m just bridging the gap for you with relevant easily consumed insights that are less defined to a particular category and more so short prescriptions for what I think you might benefit from knowing about.

This isn’t a motivational podcast but you should leave these episodes inspired to act on the new opportunities that you’ll find here…. 

Unidentified is a compass uncovering potential pathways toward greater impact. I’m doing this so that the fully committed, ambitious people who listen can find what they need to move through and go beyond the many different obstacles they face. I view my role in this whole process as getting get better at identifying ways to navigate through those obstacles. I view hindrances as a chance to problem solve. I’m taking them head on. My duty is to discover new potentially unidentified opportunities to bolster you and the thing that you’re working on.

The thing about opportunities is that the great ones never have ‘great opportunity’ written on the label. Regardless of what you’re seeking the best opportunities usually don’t grab your attention at first. The vast majority of good opportunities look unattractive on the surface. What separates an opportunity from being good or bad needed or not needed is it’s unique advantages , if this was tapping you on the shoulder from the off, you probably would of already seized the opportunity. I’m working to reveal the upside of various new opportunities in the episodes that follow.

The other problem with great opportunities is that they tend to run on their own schedule, not yours, and how many opportunities do we actually need?

So my intention is to assume a steady position amongst the chaos of choices and monitor potentially unidentified opportunities, filter them and reveal their upside on this show.

This is some of the deeper DNA of this podcast. but in short its a case of:

How can I highlight the impactful contribution of genuine change makers for you as a listener to join in on….


What can I give the well meaning change maker to bolster them and the projects they’re working on, so they can have even greater impact.

How can I reveal impact and facilitate growth.

This is Unidentified.

Technology is shifting at an unprecedented rate. No one can predict what the best profession will be even a few years from now. So taking my own advice… If you’re uncertain of where you strengths lie, it might be wise to consider getting a broad education that doesn’t limit your options. Hopefully this podcast can play it’s part in facilitating this education.

I also think it’s important to carefully differentiate between problems that can be fixed with new products and problems that should be fixed by other means such asking better questions. I’ve observed a lot of people wanting or giving into the marketing of the magic new app more than they want to consult the root cause of an issue often lying within themselves. Perhaps we need to carefully determine the areas in ourselves and our businesses where new technology is the right choice and other areas where a back-to-basics approach may be more effective. I’ll commit to honouring this observation by running this rule over everything I decide to talk about. 

Unidentified is for the the defiant solo operator and small but impactful groups of people with admirable inability to accept their present situation

It’s a community where we embrace today’s fastest growing people, products and companies and celebrate people who are bringing genuine impact: who all have one thing in common: which is a new approach to how they thrive…. in their market AND for the people they choose to serve.

The level of their influence goes miles beyond the transactional value of their offering. I’m hoping to build a platform for sharing and celebrating this philosophy.

Every day I’m listening carefully for deeply impactful voices, so that I can try and turn up their volume on this show.

I’m trying to recognize genuine potential which could be widely unknown.

I’m searching for the change makers who are making impactful use of the capital that they raise.

Let’s celebrate their efforts.

They’ve got the ambition to break through their barriers, the wisdom to be vulnerable and admit their mistakes, and the courage to go again. 

One of my favourite quotes was said by Ralph Waldo Emerson I beleive where he says that to leave the world a bit better … to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived; this is to have succeeded. 

My hope is that each time you listen to this podcast something will grab you and alter your path that all important and occasionally elusive one percent. 

Thank you so much for giving me your attention. I hope you enjoy the episodes that follow!

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