How to start a startup: Y Combinator

How to start a startup: Y Combinator

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Learn how to start a startup with YC’s free 10-week online course.

100 companies who complete the course will also receive $10K.

If you’re experiencing difficulty navigating through the early challenges of starting a company. You are certainly not alone.


Having access to mentors who have “been there, and done it already” and talking to other startups struggling with the same challenges your facing could bring you a refreshing perspective to all you to break through your obstacles.

Y Combinator are offering start up founders the

opportunity to learn how to start a startup with their free 10-week online course.

If you want to search now while your listening go to

Startup School is open to all founders currently working on a startup, or founders who are about to begin a start up.

I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed but my thinking would be that the best way to get advice on starting a start would be through people that have been through the process of starting a startup and a great way of achieving that is through YC’s free 10-week online course.

I’m constantly looking for growth opportunities to take the selfless change makers out there to new levels.

What I see here is an excellent opportunity to be a part of a community of entrepreneurs who can encourage and teach each other and leverage the wisdom of seasoned start up founders at no cost. 100% worth investigating if you’re in start up phase.

Co-founder & Design Lead @SlidesUp Kunal Bhatia an attendee of the Y Combinator Start Up School said:

“We pushed ourselves outside our comfort zone and launched our product way faster than we expected to. We reported our metrics every week and had a goal set for the end of 10 weeks. We changed our value proposition, modified our whole product roadmap, used the Stripe Atlas deal that was offered to us to incorporate, and got our first paying customers–in 10 weeks! This was the same story across the board for all our peers.”

Even if you’re not currently working on a startup, you are more than welcome to go through the course and have full access to all of the content.

If you currently don’t have any plans to start a startup in the immediate future, but would like to learn how to you can follow along and have full access to all 10 lectures and class content which is released once a week here.

Ok Now…

If all the Start Up School did was encourage and inspire you to consider starting a company as a way to positively impact the world it would definately be worth checking out.

Even if all it did was teach you how to start a startup and equip you with the resources and tools to help prepare you now and in the future it would definitely be worth 2 minutes of your time to take a look at.

Plus 100 companies who complete the course will also receive $10K

The deadline to sign up is Aug 13. The course will begin Aug 27 and is completely free to attend.

You’re probably thinking ….

Is there a limit to the number of founders who can participate in the program?

There isn’t a limit on the number of participants, but they can only take in as many as their number of advisors allow without degrading the quality of experience for companies in the program.

The #1 reason people wouldn’t get started with an opportunity like this is if they thought there was a cost to the program.

Startup School is completely free. All you need is a device with access to the internet.

There’s three a few more points that I’m going to cover:

  • Start up network
  • Forum
  • Pitching
  • Mentorship

But first let me ask you a question……

Do you think this opportunity will allow you to create greater impact?

If this has you excited.

I’ll take a few more minutes to cover it in a little more detail and try and give you all of the insight that you need on this product.

If you don’t think it’s for you then don’t waste your time. Go do your stuff and I’ll speak to you on the next episode.

See The Skip Rule here.

Ok here’s what you get with Startup School:


Join a network of over 2880 founders across 140 countries. 


Exclusive access to a forum of all Startup School founders.


Learn how to tell your story to customers and investors


Get direct access to advisors from Y Combinator.


Cut startup costs and get discounts from the best in the business (Stripe, Digital Ocean, Amazon Web Services, and more).


First hand experience of how to keep your company going. Complete the course for a chance at $10k in funding.

Let me introduce you too Benjamin Huang Founder at Necto

“Startup School helped me launch Necto and eventually get accepted into the YC core program. We graduated W18 with $1.5M in funding and a funnel of 145 potential operators and a growing ISP here in SF Bay Area.”

Then there’s … Alyona Medelian Founder at Thematic

“The primary benefit for us was meeting with other founders and our YC mentor on a weekly basis. Our mentor, Radu, provided creative and actionable advice on how to capitalize on the opportunities that come our way.”

Then … David Head Founder at Sixty

“Startup School was the program that gave us the next level of access to the YC community and ultimately led to Y Combinator funding our startup.”

I want to go back and make sure you realise who this is for. Startup School is open to all founders currently working on a startup, or founders about to start one to go through the course.

You might be thinking you can’t get started with this because there is a hidden cost. Startup School is completely free. All you need is a device with access to the internet.

In addition to having full access to all the lectures and class office hours, you will also:

1. Be assigned an advisor and join their group of companies. Advisors are members of the YC alumni network.

2. Have virtual advisory sessions, in the form of Group Office Hours, every week via online video.

3. Have access to a community of international founders through the Startup School forum.

4. Be responsible for updating your Advisor on your progress once a week.

So if you’re ready to capitalise on Y Combinator’s Startup School right now this is what you need to do:

First, open up a browser window.

Type in

Take a look over the site and when your ready to sign up just follow the simple steps and you will be good to go and get your start up cranking!

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