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Fin: High quality executive and personal assistance, available as an on-demand service.

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Fin is a high-quality assistant that can handle the administrative aspects of life, declutter your to-do list, and keep you focused on what matters most.

If you are experiencing challenges with traditional personal assistant support or virtual assistance and if requesting work outside of normal business hours is a consistent head ache stay with me.

Fin have defined 4 major challenges with traditional assistant support in our 24×7, on-demand world.

Firstly they beleive, no single person can be available at all times. People have lives outside of work, they take vacations, and obviously sleep.

My beautiful Fiancé is a superstar personal assistant so with this episode I’m speaking with inside knowledge on the nature of an assistants work flow.

Secondly, even if you don’t need someone on-call all the time, requesting work from a traditional assistant outside of normal business hours can create complications.

What channel should you use to communicate a new task?

An email might be urgent or imply that the task can wait till Monday morning.

A phone call is incredibly disruptive and might imply an unintended disrespect for personal space and time.

Even text messages can be confusing and might imply unnecessary urgency.

The third major challenge, traditional assistants can only do one thing at one time, which makes managing priorities difficult.

How do you communicate in what order to complete different tasks?

How do you interrupt a task for a more important one?

You could spend a significant amount of time and energy helping an assistant prioritize their to-do list.

Plus, they are limited to the number of things they can complete in one day.

Finally, and perhaps the biggest challenge when working with a traditional assistant is that you have to deal with the natural peaks and troughs of work flow.

Sometimes assistants are massively overburdened, and other times they have nothing to do.

Employing full-time support then leads to inefficiencies and you paying for something you aren’t using.

This under-occupation is not good for the assistant either. Being on-call results in a lot of waiting around, being unproductive and potentially unhappiness.

While they might be effectively having “time off,” they are still at work and cannot do something personally useful or fun, in case an urgent task arises.

Fin’s assistant service overcomes these challenges.

Their business model, technology, and features all combine to combat these challenges, providing you with 24/7, on-demand support for people in a 24/7, on-demand world.

First they employ an entire team of hard-working, smart individuals, acting on your behalf and since Fin isn’t limited to one person working 9–5, you remove personal needs, such as sleep, sick days, or vacation, ensuring you have support at all times.

Second, Fin is always awake and listening, allowing you to make requests whenever they come up. You can fire off a text, voice message, or email at any time of day, removing it from your to-do list and leaving room in your brain for more important things. Fin is a team and not one person, your requests can be worked on simultaneously by various Fin assistants.

So in a world where “everything is urgent,” you don’t have to worry about  prioritizing; everything is completed in a timely manner.

Finally, Fin is also completely on-demand, which means you never pay for an assistant’s waiting or downtime.

This allows you to seamlessly scale support up or down based on your workload.

You guys are out there tearing it up in your own individual quest to leave impact on the world however you define it and the big challenge for a lot of us is efficiently offloading some of the workload so that we can solely focus on the critical items that matter the most.

A tough truth to swallow is that you can’t go at it alone. There will be a point where you need to bring in some support.

Fin allows you to Get Your Time Back.

The product mixes the best of human and machine intelligence to give you an entire team of assistants that feels like a single person.

You send a request through email, app or text. A request can be a one time request or you can make a recurring request in plain english, just like you would with a normal assistant.

Fin then asks you clarifying questions if needed and remembers your responses for the future.

Fin then gets to work on the things you need done so you can keep executing on what matters for you on your pursuit.

If you want to search now while your listening go to https://www.fin.com/

Theres a few common industries that use Fin which are: 

Real estate:

The On-Demand assistant service allows real estate agents to focus on the main dish: Selling property.


On-Demand assistance for Financial Professionals allows them to Focus on real work and allow Fin to handle the details.


It gives admins the power to get more done and allow them to be more effective in their role.


If you’re getting bogged down Coordinating Candidate Interviews you can hand it over to Fin. So you can focus on the candidate. Any one who is a solo operator or part of a small impactful team who could use another set of hands can benefit from this.

Here are some of the general things Fin can help with:

1. Coordinate meetings and manage calendars.

2. Research and book travel

One user said:

“I use Fin primarily for scheduling meetings, booking reservations and flights. Fin remembers my preferences, it’s really easy to use and saves me hours each week.”

3. Email others on your behalf

4. Research and Coordinate weekend plans

5. Book recurring fitness classes

People use Fin for organising their calendar, scheduling, buying things online, anything you would ask a human assistant to do, fin can tackle. Lots of people use Fin because they don’t have an assistant at work, but many people who use Fin *are* actually assistants who need an extra set of hands. For this episode I want to focus on how it can benefit the consultant.

I feel like this is a position which mostly applies to an Unidentified listener.

So consultants use it to clear the administrative tasks that are important for their work, and cost them hours of time in their day. You can instantly boost your productivity by offloading tasks to Fin and focusing on the critical 1 to 3 things that are going to yield the biggest impact.

Consultants are using it to:

1. Schedule meetings and interviews

You can put a stop to the email back-and-forth and let Fin schedule your meetings instead.

2. Book travel according to your preferences

Ask Fin to handle travel planning and expenses pretty easily

3. Conduct research and compile lists on your behalf

Send Fin your research tasks to save time

In my opinion the only way to have a bigger impact on the select group of people you are trying to serve is to critically define and question which core tasks that if done correctly result in you delivering and operating at your truest potential. Once you are clear on this and you have eliminated and you’re ready to delegate a few time consumers that are important but distract you from the critical 1 to 3 then the best way I can see to do that is through Fin.

A great question to ask yourself here is: What items or thoughts do I need to keep to realize my life’s full potential and purpose?

These guys are putting an absolute shift in to create a remarkable product. Since the creation of the product around 9 months ago. Fin have made a number of big improvements.They have lowered prices between 25% & 40% and dramatically improved the quality of service across all major categories.


For the last few years, Venmo founder Andrew Kortina and Facebook’s former Product VP Sam Lessin have been working on combining machine learning and human operations to deliver a full human-equivalent assistant service. This is the core principle of Fin and you can here more from the team behind Fin here:


Even if your not a busy start up founder and even if you don’t need someone on-call all the time, requesting work from a traditional assistant outside of normal business hours can create a number of dramas.

I am all for questioning whether the back to basics approach of any task defeats the new piece of technology trying to get ahead of itAt the end of the day the be all and end all is time and more specifically attention.

How much of your battery life is going directly into critical areas that will give you the biggest return however you define it. Your time is valuable and you’ve got to spend it on work that counts.


Tim Feeley Product Manager at Google said: “Fin is the helpful assistant I never knew I needed until I started using it! It feels less like software, and more like a person who helps me manage my schedule, to do list and more.”

If all Fin did was handle 20% of the annoying, time consuming administrative aspects of your life, declutter and reduce your to-do list so you can keep focused on what matters most it would definatley be worth a look.

Also if you answer a 2 minute survey to learn how Fin can best help you and they will give you your first task free (up to a $30 value). – https://www.fin.com/get_started/intro_survey

I am not an affiliate of Fin. Not receiving anything from them. But I am Super keen on turning up the volume of their work.

You’re probably wondering how it will all play out in your current work flow ….

Here’s an idea of how Fin will come in to play for you.

It learns and remembers your preferences. Just like the best human assistants. Fin remembers people you interact with and integrates with your email and calendar.

It automates workflow and keeps track of recurring tasks and important dates.

You pay only for what you use and it’s available 24 x 7x 365. It easily scales up (or down) based on your needs.

You get a team of assistants at your fingertips. It can do things like make phone calls, remember logins, or send emails for you.

You don’t need to spend time recruiting, training, and managing people. You can let Fin do that.

One area people could be concerned about the most is Fin’s 24/7 ability.

One user gave a really honest review on this.

He said:

“Pros: Truly 24/7 help with just about anything you can reasonably ask a native english speaker with a fast internet connection to do

Cons: Sometimes hard things are done well and little details are missed – which you would get really upset at a real assistant for.

I’ve been using the product very actively for about a year now. I’m a terrible edge case customer: multi-time zone, foreign language addresses, weird scheduling requirements and other odd requests.

While no service is perfect … and certainly no remote/virtual assistant is … whats been awesome is seeing how much Sam and Andrew listen to customers, improve the app, and make the service work better.

Its hard to imagine not using the service now.”

I’m no super hero. Remembering to complete tasks isn’t the issue for me it’s having enough battery life to execute the entire to do list. Handling recurring tasks that I have to do every month is definitely a pain point.

If I’m too busy to reasonably handle everything on my todo list Fin is a solid weapon that can allow me to buy back my time through outsourcing.

I often internally place a value on my free time or how much a certain activity is actually worth in monetary value and Fin is the glue between trading money for your more valuable time and attention.

If you’re ready to capitalise on Fin right now this is what you need to do:

First, open up a browser window.

Type in https://www.fin.com/

If you’re always on or available. Fin will help you become more successful. Because it’s available 24/7. It’s on-demand nature allows you to triumph over the 4 main challenges of a traditional assistant — availability, communication of tasks, managing priorities, and scaling.

Fin gives you the feeling of having many assistants, at any time of day, working as much (or as little) as you need.

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