004 Courseroot

004 Courseroot

Courseroot collects and ranks the best online courses from the biggest platforms on the web and ranks them based on their characteristics like rating & number of reviews to make it easier for you to take the next step in acquiring that important new skill which could make all the difference.

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Full Notes

If you’ve had a tough time in the past scrolling through page after page of online courses trying to find the right one to elevate you and if you’ve had thoughts that crunching through all of this data in order to figure out where to best invest your money in education is all to much, well… it’s an understandable frustration.

Massive growth in online education has resulted in the emergence of more and more course providers which makes the search process to find the most applicable course much more time consuming.

Courseroot is for you if you’re looking to acquire skills through reputable online courses, it will show you how to find the best courses on the web without having to trawl through every single course provider individually.

The only way for you to find the best, most applicable online course is by conducting solid and often time consuming research across up to 8 of the established course providers and from what I can personally see on the internet right now… The faster way to do this research is through a website called Courseroot.

This is an impactful product because of the massive amount of time it’s saving us. Plus it’s available at no cost, so plenty of value being delivered.

I’m constantly on the look out for contribution taking place which screams out…. I am going to help you ahead of charging you…. and this had my attention straight up.

On the Courseroot website the Founder Valentijn v/den Hout says:

“At this very moment there’s thousands of people learning new skills online. Whether it is for one of the hot new subjects like machine learning, or whether it’s a classic like photography, the internet has given instant access to knowledge and expertise to literally billions of people around the world. Everyday new online courses from new platforms are popping up and its hard to keep track of where you need to be and which course is the best one for you. The amazing growth in online education means more and more courses and course platforms are popping up, making the search process for the right course somewhat clouded.”

With Courseroot you can filter through over 50,000 online courses based on level of difficulty, price, hours of content, and certificate quality. The course platforms which are Currently integrated with course root are:

Coursera, edX, Udacity, Futurelearn, Khan Academy, Udemy, Springboard, and Skillshare.

Courseroot only launched a couple of weeks ago and so far users have praised the simplicity of the product and the quality of the search results, early users have also highlighted the importance for a solution like this. One user said: “This a really needed tool especially now that we have so many different online education platforms.”

If all this product did was halve the time it currently takes to search through multiple course providers individually it would definitely worth a bookmark.


In the past I’ve definately been guilty of sitting on the “what to do next decision” for far too long. I think the way to finding you and the thing you want to create is by doing. A lot of these courses are free and don’t take long to complete worse case scenario is that you spend an hour and a half completing a well reviewed Crypto Currency course for example and then decide this Crypto stuff isn’t my thing. Ok no problem, you invested a non refundable hour and a half BUT the massive upside is that you now don’t need to waste 3 months procrastinating about whether you should or shouldn’t and you can unfollow all of the content you’re probably consuming too which is creating potentially even more overwhelm. Cross Crypto OFF and keep searching, you haven’t wasted time you’ve experienced necessary growth and now you are in momentum.

Lot’s of us have got bright and beautiful well meaning intention within us but if it’s all seemingly unattainable, getting into momentum is the way. Starting with where you are with what you have.


As soon as you need to research your next course, this is what you need to do.

First, open up a browser window.

Type in courseroot.com

Type a course subject into the search field and away you go!

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