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You don’t need to be a coder to build software.

Bubble lets you build and host web applications without having to write code or hire a team of engineers.

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Technology is taking over everything, and Bubble  think it’s a travesty that programming is still a niche skill. 

They want to live in a world where the average person can create technology, not just consume it.

Bubble is aiming to destroy the distinction between building technology and using technology, by making programming as user-friendly as your favourite app.

If you want to search now while your listening go to https://bubble.is

This product will allow you to build and host web applications without having to write code or hire a team of engineers.

You don’t need to be a coder to build software on


I want to direct this episode mainly at Start Ups.

For startups who are looking to build customer-facing web platforms. You can build your core product end-to-end without hiring a single engineer on Bubble

If coding isn’t you’re super power but you still hold a desire to create impactful software than the fastest way to achieve this is through leveraging products like Bubble

What I am seeing with Bubble is a very elegant drag and drop capability.

A powerful general-purpose visual framework that lets you create web applications by simply pointing and clicking which gives you plenty of room to design both web and mobile web applications without writing any code.

You have full control, you’re able to tell Bubble what should happen step-by-step when users interact with your application and hosting is very simple also you can launch your application instantly on their cloud platform.

Emmanuel Straschnov is the maker of Bubble

He says:

“We want to empower everyone to create technology instead of just being a user. Most jobs and activities will require some programming in future, but everyone can’t learn to code: it’s slow and tedious. There has to be a more efficient way to build things.”

He adds:

“Coding hasn’t really changed over the last 50 years. The languages have changed but the actual process has been the same since the beginning of the software industry.

Creating software should be fun and visual.

It’s similar to the jump that happened from MS-DOS to Windows. Before Windows, we had to type code to edit a text document. After Windows, we just double-click. Bubble does the same thing at the programming level.

After five years, I have to say that watching our users become makers themselves is one of the most rewarding things ever.”

There’s a number of agencies building apps for people on top of Bubble.

A Bubble-built app is easier to maintain than one built in code: often, you can make small changes yourself without having to go back to the original developers. You can visit the directory of Bubble agencies in the blog post for this episode unidentified.io/bubble

Nate Washington, Founder of Qoins said:

“Bubble has allowed my to build complex apps without code that would otherwise cost thousands. I’m now a developer, with no development background!”

Qoins allows you to round up your purchases and automatically send out payments to pay off debt faster.

Ok Now…

If all Bubble did was allow you to see your idea come to life, even if you don’t launch I think that is still a healthy exercise and saves you procrastinating on an idea for perhaps longer than you should.

You might be wondering if you can use your own Domain name?

You Absolutely can.

You just buy your domain name through your favourite domain provider, and follow the instructions to point it at Bubble.

Bubble is white-labeled, and you have complete freedom over all aspects of the design.

If like me you’re probably immediately thinking all sounds great but how hard is to actually learn how to operate Bubble?

The company say:

“It varies from person-to-person, but we’ve found that people with no previous programming experience but who are comfortable with computers can generally pick up the basics in an afternoon and become an expert in a week or two. If you can use a spreadsheet, you can learn Bubble.”

“We have interactive tutorials and videos to make the learning process easy and fun. We also have an active community of friendly users who participate in our forum and willing to help beginners get started.”

There is no way I’ll be hitting pause to go and learn how to code any time soon and that’s what I like about this product this concern has been removed. Ideas can be put to the test at will and speed shall not be inhibited. It’s all about staying in motion and executing.

So if you’re ready to capitalise on Bubble right now this is what you need to do:

First, open up a browser window.

Type in bubble.is

Take a look over the site and when your ready to sign up just follow the simple steps.

If you wan’t more specifics on this but you’re in the middle of something right now.

Head to the blog post on unidentified.io/milanote 

Click on the URL and save it in MotoRead for later. MotoRead let’s you listen to your aricles like they are podcasts.

The link is also in the shownotes if you’re on Apple Podcasts, Google Play etc.

Bubble: Build and host web applications without having to write code

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