003 Atlas Run

003 Atlas Run

Choose a cause. Go for a run. Share. Repeat! Get fit while raising funds for your favorite non profit. Challenge, follow and meet people that share your passion for running. Now you can share a purpose as well!

With Unidentified I’m trying to reveal the upside of solid opportunities for people who want to pursue a higher calling.

Up until very recently creating impact could only really be considered by people with big ideas and big budgets but we’re in a period now where as long as people have got access to a smartphone they can contribute to the problems that they care about most.

The smartphone is now the ticket of entry to many avenues leading to positive impact. The options for contribution are becoming more thoughtful and considered & there isn’t a much better feeling than the delivery of genuine contribution to another human being. Here i’m going to reveal a really solid app which helps you do exactly that.

If the new years resolution to exercise everyday is already in shambles you might want to listen up.  Sticking to a long term fitness goal certainly comes with it’s obstacles. If you’ve found it difficult to remain accountable to your exercise commitments in the past this might be your saviour.

If I know you right I think this app will delete all excuses from your mind when it comes to fulfilling your exercise requirements.

This product draws a line in the sand between the people who kind of want to get fit for superficial reasons and those who truly want to embrace a deeper purpose behind their efforts to earn their health potential.

If you’re a serious change maker and you could do with a solid accountability tool keep listening.

ATLAS Run IS AN APP That gives you the opportunity to literally RUN the changes you care about seeing the most around the globe.

Every time you run you raise money for charity. Whether you measure your run is distance or miles is irrelevant. You open the app. Choose a worthy cause and run. How hard, how fast, how long is entirely up to you but if you’re running you’re earning and making an honourable contribution.

When you’re done. You can share your efforts with the ATLAS community and do it all over again tomorrow.

This is big, big big big – Atlas is a workable solution for properly incentivising health and fitness journeys. It’s a platform offering winnable, challenging opportunities for genuine contribution… much better than a bet with your brother that you will lose x amount of weight before his wedding and all of that nonsense.

Every mile/km that you grind out raises funds and awareness for a non profit partner of the app with the help of corporate sponsorship. This is an opportunity for You to raise money for a good cause just by doing your every day run.

If you want to get into this app and grow with it you’ll become much more aware of the social issues and challenges in our world.

You’ll get to Engage with a solution orientated community of real changemakers delivering genuine sweat equity

You can Share your efforts and build the visibility of your contribution within your social network while you become healthier and happier by actually going the extra mile for yourself and other people who are less fortunate.

A great way to contribute to charity is through participating in fundraising events like community fun runs.

But the way to take this concept to another level is through Atlas…

It’s interesting that this has grabbed me.

The way I’m looking at this is not necessarily from a runners perspective. Although I’ve exercised pretty intensely from around the age of 13 I honestly couldn’t run to save myself BUT the way I am looking at this is from a GIVERS perspective.

I believe ATLAS is a massively impactful product for people who want to give but may not have or face limiting beliefs around the money or time they have to offer.

With this concept: to contribute…. Money isn’t required to leave your bank account.

I’m FULL OF APPLAUSE for anything that is completing two things at the same time without sacrificing quality and I’m looking at Atlas going ok…

This is definitely completing an amazing act of kindness whilst doing another very important duty. That equals 2. Absolutely huge.

It’s not adding to a schedule. People easily become overwhelmed through internally mounting up obligations that they feel responsible for.

I always question whether I’m doing enough to CONTRIBUTE and leave this place better than how I find it. If the intention to give is pure. That’s wonderful but that doesn’t automatically allocate the giver more time and attention to reach the full potential of their impact. All of us have got decisions to make on where our time goes and the priories we need to take care of. There’s absolutely a convenience element to giving here. This is very, very good.

When you’re ready to contribute to ATLAS just type in atlas running on the app store or get it on google play and you’re good to go!

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